2019 RANCO SUPER 12 Elliptical End Dump

Unit: 18-7573
VIN: 591SD2643KR156638

28 yd Capacity, 31 yd at
26’ OAL, 24’ Tub Length
54” High Wall
96” Wide Box
102” Wide Axles

Dump Body
3/16” AR400 Single Sheet Rolled Elliptical Panels
3/16 AR400 Nose
10 Degree Rear Slope
6” Bangboards Standard
All Welds Full Penetration, 70K Wire
Gravity Rear Gate, with Air Cylinder Gate Latches
Rear Gate 3/16” Aluminum Plate Gate
Side Access Ladder with Flip Down, Starting at Lower Rail

16” – 26# Structural Beam
8” DIA, 5 Stage Single Acting Hoist, 220” Stroke
Steel Mounted Drop Legs
All Joints with Greasable Fittings
Metering Chains Mounted Center Rear,
Hook Into Center of Rear Gate
Full DOT LED Sealed Lights

T-1 Steel Pickup Plate Coupler, with Bushing Saddles
Hutch 9700 Spring Suspension, Rear Two
10 Hole Hub Pilot Wheels, Rear Two 6 Hole Hub Pilot Wheels, Per Customer Spec.
Tires Per Customer Spec
16 1/2 x 7 Brakes with Spring
Parking, Auto Slacks and Wabco 4S-2M ABS System
Anti Sail Mud Flaps

Available Options
Watson Chalin 8K Airride
Steerable Front Two
Flat Back High Lift Gate
MISC: Shovel Holder, Flag Holder

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