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The Ranco 4-Axle Bottom Dump Pup is the perfect add-on for your lead trailer. Like our AR250 Steel Construction ensures your trailer will last many years, even on the toughest jobs.

This pup trailer is our model 14-24-4P, which is the same trailer that comes in our 10-axle train. It is 24ft long and 102 inches wide. Attaching this trailer to your lead trailer adds 14 Cubic Yards to your overall capacity, speeding up any job.

Check out the specs, watch the video, and download the brochure. Contact our salesmen to buy yours today! 888-424-4004



  • 24′ Length
  • 102″ Wide


  • Turntable Coupler
  • Hinged Drawbar


  • 14 Cubic Yard Capacity Plus Side Boards
  • AR250 Hopper Construction
  • Bolt On Front and Rear Fiberglass Fenders
  • Bolt On Front and Rear Fiberglass Shed Plates
  • Lower Hopper Extensions & Gate Side Seals
  • 6″ Diameter Gate Cylinders with 2 Quick Release Valves
  • Versa, Cab and Ground Gate Control Valve
  • Air Filter, Lubricator and Air Pressure Gauge
  • 40 Gallon Air Tank, Rubber Mounted
  • 12″ Aluminum Side Boards
  • 18″ Wings


  • Quad-Axle
  • Hutch Spring Leaf Suspension
  • Out Board Hubs
  • Centrifuse Drums
  • Air Brakes
  • Automatic Slack Adjusters
  • 385/65R22.5 Tires
  • Aluminum Wheels


  • Circuit Breakers
  • 7 Prong Receptacle & 4 Prong
  • Sealed Beam Lights Mounted in Rubber & Enclosed in the Frame
  • Wiring in Loom and Enclosed in Trailer Frame
  • LED Lighting


Ranco 14-24-4P 4-Axle Bottom Dump Pup

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