Discover why Ranco has been a leading manufacturer of end dump trailers for over 30 years. The Ranco Anvil is a uniquely designed demolition end dump trailer that’s loaded with many design features that yield tremendous benefits. Designed to haul heavy loads, all of our end dump trailers  are made with premium materials to ensure long-lasting durability and reliability. For complete customer satisfaction, we stand behind what we sell. The Ranco end dump trailer line is one of the highest rated construction trailers in North America. With a host of unique, technological properties, the Anvil comes standard with all types of features that make getting the job done simple and effective. You won’t find a more dependable trailer than a Ranco end dump trailer.

Listed here are just a few of the many features that put Ranco Anvil end dump trailers above the rest. If you’re interested in buying an Anvil End Dump, we have many sizes to choose from. Give our trailer sales experts a call at 888-424-4004 to get a fast, free quote today.

Half Round End Dump Trailer

The Anvil’s body is a constant radius half-round shape, which makes it lighter and more dent resistant than an elliptical or flat-bottomed round-side body trailer. It will also center the load more precisely, resulting in reduced off-center loading.

Thick Walled Ranco End Dump Trailer

Anvil’s or Ranco’s end dump trailer design makes extensive use of thick walled, closed box structural sections. Even though a round bottom end dump body is already very strong in bending and shear, it is still an open section and quite flexible in torsion like any open section component attached to a body.  The Ranco Anvil’s design has increased the torsion stiffness by using closed box sections in its design, which greatly reduces sideways flexibility or sway.

Ranco Anvil End Dump Trailer

To increase stiffness, reduce sway and increase stability, the entire perimeter of the round body and bulkhead is welded to a thick-wall, boxed structural member. Ranco has also developed fabricated box members for the upper coupler/king pin plate, as well as fabricated the draft arm from thick-walled rectangular tubing which is then trussed with the rectangular tubing set at 45 degrees. This provides maximum torsional stiffness for ultimate stability for all the end dump trailers for sale on the lot.

Tandem Suspension Sub-Frame End Dump Tilt

In order to reduce sideways flexibility and sway, and provide maximum torsional stiffness, the top body-frame tube is cradled in a sub-frame. The subframe includes a front bolster in addition to the rear bolster, and is mostly independent of the body which increases strength. Both bolsters are tall sections that wrap the body all the way to the top frame tube. The suspension is attached to the subframe through a thick-walled boxed pyramid.

Hydraulic Dump Cylinder on Ranco End Dump

The inverted trunnion style hydraulic dump cylinder has a lower maintenance and a longer service life than an end pin style cylinder. There are dirt wiper seals on the bottom of each stage to prevent dirt from settling and building up in the cylinder. The combination of an inverted cylinder and dirt seals keep the cylinder cleaner, instead of pushing through the dirt and working it into the cylinder like pin style cylinders do. This results in a longer life and less maintenance.

Cylinder Rod End Shaft on Ranco End Dump

The Anvil’s cylinder rod end shaft is over four feet shorter than the pin style end shaft, which creates a stiffer and more stable column. The inverted cylinder lifts almost vertically through the entire extension, as opposed to a pin cylinder which loses 15% of its capacity due to being mounted at a 30-degree angle. This eliminates sag and the cylinder bearing wear that occurs with end pin style cylinders. In addition, the cylinder bearings are located on each side of the cylinder body, which also reduces bearing wear and adds column stability for all end dump trailers.

Cubic Capacity of a Ranco Anvil End Dump Trailer

The cylinder moves away from the body during dumping which results in greater cubic capacity regardless of the length of the body. Unlike pin style cylinders, there is no need for a dog house or any space taker to accommodate cylinder intrusion into the body, which takes away from the trailer’s capacity. This means that the Anvil gains approximately 1 cubic yard of additional capacity by using the inverted trunnion style dump cylinder.

Inverted Cylinder End Dump

The inverted trunnion cylinder design also results in a longer effective bridge length for any length of trailer body. Because the vertical mounted hydraulic cylinder is located out in front of the vertical bulkhead, the king pin to tandem suspension length is approximately three feet longer than a trailer with the same length body that uses an end pin cylinder and sloped front bulkhead or dog house. The additional three feet increases gross weight and payload from 1,500 to 2,000 lbs. under Federal Formula B Highway Regulations.

Inverted Cylinder for End Dumps

In addition to greater capacity and stability, the inverted trunnion design also provides easier hydraulic cylinder maintenance. The vertical mounting of the cylinder has open top access, readily accessible and easy to remove externally mounted trunnion bearings, and an independent rod end bearing shaft.  This means that the cylinder can be easily disconnected and lifted straight out for repair or replacement, and then easily reconnected.  This can all be done without affecting any other parts of the trailer.

Anvil Ranco Flanged Front Bulkhead on End Dump

This Anvil/Ranco end dump trailer has a radius flanged front bulkhead on the dump body. This makes for a stronger butt-weld connection away from the corner as compared to the more conventional 90-degree corner located fillet-weld. The radius corner reduces the stress concentration in this critical area where major lifting of the loads occur, while also reducing the tendency for sticky material to build up in the corners.

Ranco End Dump Calculation Specs

Round bottom end dump bodies fabricated of AR400 heat treated alloy plates are able to withstand tremendous punishment of impact and abrasion from large, hard and sharp rocks and broken concrete.  AR400 steel is strong and tough plus it provides adequate formability and welding capabilities so it can be fabricated directly into a structural body instead of being used as a liner over a lower strength steel body.  This results in thinner body steel and thus a lighter body that will easily outlast any conventional steel body—including bodies made out of T-1 high strength heat treated alloy steel.

Ranco Anvil End Dump Stability

The Ranco Anvil end dump trailer body is designed to dump entirely by rotating around the single point tandem suspension trunnion. Not only does this provide greater dump stability for the body by keeping both axles on the ground and sharing the load equally, but it also protects the axles, tires, and wheels from overload and possible damage during the dump cycle. This allows all the end dump trailers for sale on our lot to be optimal for any heavy-duty commercial hauling needs.

Ranco End Dump Trailer Body Shell

The thickness of Anvil’s body shell increases at the rear of the body. In all end dump trailers the wear of the body’s shell is more rapid near the rear or dumping end, so increased body thickness in this area of the Anvil extends the life of the trailer’s body.

Ranco End Dump Dump Body

The dump body lowers almost to the ground surface during the dump cycle.  This lowers the load and the body’s center of gravity, which minimizes any off-centered turnover conditions.

Ranco Anvil End Dump Trailer Dual Tires

Four sets of dual tires with suspension equalization spread the load over a large area and reduce the degree of body sway that may occur due to uneven compaction and surface elevation.

Tapered Bolsters on Ranco End Dump Trailer

All the bolsters on the Ranco end dump trailer are tapered inward at the bottom, which allow for changes in the thickness of the body shell for weight reduction and improved wear without affecting strength or stiffness. The taper saves weight where heavy structure is not needed, while also increasing the driver’s visibility to the rear of the trailer.

Ranco End Dump Vertical Cut Off

There is a vertical, rear body cut off and rear bolster. The vertical body cut off increases the cubic capacity of any given length of the Anvil’s body, and the vertical rear bolster and body cut off allow for interchangeable tailgates. For example, the standard high lift tailgate with its air lift cylinder can be replaced with a conventional top hinged, gravity opened tailgate or a barn door style tailgate, providing several options for each end dump trailer for sale here at Ranco.

Draft Arms for Ranco End Dumps

The draft arms are perpendicular to the body at the trailer’s maximum dump body angle. This provides maximum draft arm stabilization to the dump body.

46 Angle Ranco End Dump Trailer Tilt

The Anvil or Ranco end dump trailer body is designed to dump at a 46° angle with the standard cylinder and up to 51° angle with an optional cylinder. The steep dumping angles ensure that virtually all materials hauled will be dumped out of the dump body.

The mud flaps are hinged and mounted to the tailgate with heavy duty brackets. The hinged design of the mud flaps allows for them to be automatically moved out of the dump area to protect the flaps from damage. If large, irregular objects are dumped and do protrude high enough to reach the raised flaps, the hinge will allow the flaps to glide up and over the object without damaging them.

Ranco End Dump Tailgate

The Anvil has a very rugged high-lift tailgate and hinge de­sign. The high-lift tailgate reduces the chance of expensive damage that can occur from an occasional large rock bouncing and impacting the gate during the dumping cycle.

Upgraded Axles on Ranco Anvil End Dump Trailers

Ranco uses upgraded axles that come standard with outboard hubs, centrifuse drums, and maxies cans on both axles. Another spec that puts all Ranco end dump trailers at the top of our customer’s lists.

Trac Axles on Ranco End Dumps

The Anvil uses wide trac axles, which increases the Anvil’s footprint. The increased footprint gives the anvil increased stability while dumping.

As you can see, the Ranco end dump has a lot to offer in design features and every one of them translates into a benefit for the hauler. The Ranco Anvil has been designed to live up to its name—it is tough, durable and almost indestructible.  It’s the best designed and best built demolition end dump trailer you’ll find today. It’s an investment that will start paying for itself the first day on the job. Shop all Ranco end dump trailers for sale on our lot today and save on either new or used models today!

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ED24-30-3 Ranco End Dump Trailer Drawing
ED24-30-3 Ranco End Dump Trailer Drawing