BODY LENGTH 14' 14' 14' 15' 15' 15' 16'
SIDE HEIGHT 45" 54" 66" 45" 54" 66" 45"
CAPACITY 11.3 cu. Yd 14 cu. Yd 16.8 cu. Yd 12 cu. Yd 15 cu. Yd 18 cu. Yd 12.8 cu. Yd

BODY LENGTH 17' 17' 17' 17.5' 18' 18' 18'
SIDE HEIGHT 45" 54" 66" 54" 45" 54" 66"
CAPACITY 13.7 cu. Yd 17 cu. Yd 21.25 cu. Yd 17.5 cu. Yd 14.5 cu. Yd 18 cu. Yd 22.58 cu. Yd

Half-round dump body is made of 1/4” AR 400 abrasion resistant ultra-high strength steel.

The top rail is made of 3/8” Hi-Strength Steel tube set on a corner for 100% self shedding.

The Cab Guard is built to customer specifications.

The half round dump body has a trunion mounted multi-stage hoist.

The full length body to frame rails tie into the hoist support in the front, with a 3” x 5” angle iron sub-frame connected to the rear hinge and front cylinder saddle.

The fenders are rubber mounted and bolt-on with either a half or full fender.

Includes a heavy-duty hinge designed to support twice the normal weight carried. It is the same hinge as the Ranco quarter frame dump trailers.

The dump body has a hi-rise rear gate that is air powered and clears up to 76” material when in the full open position.


An optional combination gravity hinge and barn door gate is also available.

Also optional are, either flip or slide style tarps.