Ranco bottom dump trailers are the best on the market. Made in the USA, every detail has been given the greatest attention in order to ensure a reliable and durable product for many years to come. Designed for quality, all of our two-axle and three-axle bottom dump trailers are perfect for all your heavy-duty hauling needs. With plenty of technological properties, our bottom dump trailers are made to quickly and efficiently get the job done.

Below are just a few of the many features that set Ranco bottom dumps apart from the others. If you’re interested in purchasing a Ranco trailer, we have several models of bottom dump trailers for sale. Contact our experts in trailer sales at 888-424-4004 and get a fast, free quote today.

Tapered body design reduces excess material buildup from loading.  – The upper hopper opening is 102″ wide (97” inside width) which tapers down at an 11ᴼ angle. This creates two benefits: It allows material to flow easier, reducing material hang-up and promotes reliable discharge. Additionally, it promotes a narrower span at the lower hopper (81″ wide at the frame) which reduces material hang-up from load spillage.

Engineered internal corner bracing prevents common lower hopper cracking caused from bulging during unloading which creates additional flex and stress at the corners.

The Lower Hopper is not welded to the bottom of the frame, rather it is back-welded above the frame edge. This allows for greater flexibility reducing stress cracking and damage. It is also superior cosmetically in that the solid weld prevents rust streaks from marring the finish of the lower hopper.

Our semi-trailer hopper boasts a full 22 cubic yards capacity, level full. With 8″ Side boards that increases to 25 cubic yards and 26.5 cubic yard capacity with our 12″ aluminum side boards.
Calculated water level to the top of the boards.

Side Boards are mounted to be flush with outside of the top rail preventing material build-up, eliminating fugitive material from littering the road.

Our Hopper is made using abrasion resistant steel with a Brinell hardness rating of 250 (AR250 / 115,000 psi) which is twice as impact resistant as trailers using a 50,000 psi steel. By reducing impact damage this keeps your trailer looking better longer, which is one of the reasons why Ranco has the highest resale value in the industry.

Our short Push Block has several important features. Among them – it is removable, it can be easily repaired or replaced. – It is durable enough to be pushed but significantly lighter than larger options. – The design allows for a pup to be towed without requiring the push block to be removed.

Our Bolt-On Windrow Deflector is repairable and replaceable. Because the windrow deflector is one of the most abused pieces of equipment on the trailer we have made it easy to remove and repair. Replacements are also available and in stock.

It is critical to the life of the trailer that frame integrity be maintained. You should not heat or weld to the frame of your trailer. To this end our 80,000 psi tubular steel frame is carefully engineered to divert stress away from critical areas. We use extensive frame padding, controlling the amount of heat that is applied to the frame during construction and providing pad surfaces that, if welded to, reduce direct heat to the frame. Frame padding at critical areas allow us to disburse stress opposed to focusing stress and creating break points.

The compact design allows the Ranco bottom dump trailer to be classified as a rear tire vehicle and not requiring the rear impact protection as per (§ 571.223 – 224).
If your circumstance or safety program requires rear impact protection, we offer a larger push block with the full ICC bumper.

Our Bolt-On, 2-piece, front and rear fenders offer more protection then simply keeping rocks and dirt from hitting your truck and trailer. The 2-Piece fenders are angled to catch more material that is thrown up from the tires. The shock mounted bolt-on fenders offer easier maintenance and replacement than welded fenders.

We have gone to great lengths to create the best gates in the industry. Through extensive engineering and testing we’ve created a gate system that does not stick shut while under a wet or sticky load. Nor do our gates get sprung or damaged from normal wear and tear.

Our formed gussets also allow the disbursement of stress. By avoiding sharp reliefs or corners the rounded gussets allow for flexibility and the reduction of concentrated stress areas.

Our gate face is made with abrasion resistant AR250 steel which is more durable and provides a longer life for our two axle & three axle trailers (the gate face can be upgraded to AR400).

The fenders and rear mud flap bracket offer greater functionality by not being welded directly to the frame. If the trailer is hit from behind or should a dozer blade slip off the push block and hit the back of the trailer. The fenders and mud flap bracket will shear off reducing the stress on the frame. If the fenders were welded solid all of the force would be pushed into the frame.

Our sealed gates prevent material spillage, reducing liability from broken windshields, errant debris dropping from the trailer. We control this issue with our replaceable bolt-on lower hopper extensions and gate side seals.

Our heavy duty oversized gate bearing on these Ranco Bottom/Belly Dump Trailers provides longer life and supports greater gate torque. This is one of the reasons why our gates do not require alignment guides.

Our landing legs are not attached to the gates so when sitting the gates are not required to support the weight of the trailer.

Gate pin settings replace chain slots. Pins at the front and rear of the gate control openings at 6” increments are used to control the flow of the windrow.

Quick release valves are installed on both the inflow and exhaust ports of the cylinder, because we believe it is just as important to pinch off the flow of material as it is to open the gates.

Our gates are high off the ground offering a little more leeway from high centering at lower speeds. Additionally, this offers reduced windrow drag extending the life of the gate and reducing gate yaw.

The two & three axle trailer comes with an accessible and adjustable oiler and air filtration system for reliable gate system operation.

We use full sized 8″ gate cylinders that are componentized and can be easily broken down and repaired. All parts are in stock to keep you working, from; packing kits, barrels, end caps, rods and plungers.

The air tanks supplying the brakes, brake valves and ABS valve are all protected from errant material damage by a fiberglass doghouse at the rear of the two axle & three axle trailer.

We install the gate control valve in a metal storage box which not only allows for easy access but protects the valve from errant material during loading and the elements.

The gate systems are wired through separately terminating at a 4-way socket, for your truck mounted gate controls. This prevents electrical errors from the trailer accidently opening the gates.

We use a 60 gallon ASME air tank to operate the gate system. The tank is shock mounted at the rear of the hopper and uses a one way check valve to maintain air pressure integrity. The tank also comes equipped with a valve stem attachment what allows the tank to be pressurized from a hose. This is handy when you are either in a hurry and begin with zero pressure or are working on your trailer.

Ranco belly dump trailers use a protected wiring harness for our electrical system which insures longer live in abusive conditions. We have also gone to great lengths to eliminate exposed wiring and air lines.

Our Oscillating Kingpin is built using a rubber bushing. This has proven to provide a longer life than a metal bearing and offers a more gradual resistance, reducing stress side to side stress while maneuvering in rugged terrain.

LED Lights are standard on our trailer. Many issues our customers have had with lights have been eliminated by switching to LEDs. They are; brighter, have a longer life and they withstand the abuse of haul roads better.

A backup alarm is standard on our trailers. This safety feature can help reduce your liability from operation and satisfy safety requirement for a multitude of jobs.

As an Authorized Ranco Dealer, we have a large selection of both new and used bottom dump trailers for sale, so give us a call to browse our inventory today!

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