Choose Ranco as your trusted bottom dump trailer manufacturer for high-quality 2-axle belly dump trailers. Made in the USA, all of our trailers are designed with the highest quality materials, so you can move heavy-duty loads with ease. Generally used to haul materials for large construction, commercial and paving projects, it’s important to have a reliable bottom dump trailer that you can count on. Bottom dump trailers are also used to move sand, asphalt, and many other loose materials. For practical unloading, our two-axle belly dump trailers are constructed with raised sides, an open top, and a gate at the bottom.

As one of the leading bottom dump trailer manufacturers in North America, our goal is to provide you with the best trailers at the right price. If you’re interested in purchasing a Ranco belly dump trailer, shop our bottom dump trailers or contact our trailer sales team at 888-424-4004 to get your quote in minutes. All our 2-axle Bottom Dump Trailers for sale are top-of-the-line and road ready all the time. Call now!


  • 40′ 1″ Overall Length
  • 102″ Wide
  • 436″ KP to Center of Rear Axle
  • 19″ Kingpin Setting
  • 48″ Kingpin Height
  • 15′ 8″ Upper Hopper Opening


  • Rubber Bushed Oscillating Kingpin
  • Bolt-On Front & Rear Fenders
  • Gravity Drop Legs
  • Protective Doghouse
  • Forward & Rear Mud Flaps
2-Axle Bottom Dump Ranco Trailers


  • 22 Yard Capacity plus Side Boards
  • AR250 Hopper Construction*
  • Wood Side Boards*
  • Reinforcing Lower Hopper Gussets
  • Bolt-On Lower Hopper Extensions
  • Gate Side Seals
  • AR250 Gate Face
  • Heavy Duty 8″ Gate Cylinders
  • Dual Quick Exhaust Valves
  • Gate Pin Settings


  • (2) 77½” Wide Trac Axles
  • Hutch 9700 Spring Suspension*
  • Top Mounted Air Cans
  • 16½” x 7″ Air Brakes w/Auto Slack Adjusters
  • Outboard Drums
  • 4S2M ABS System
  • Bolt-On Windrow Deflector
  • 11R24.5 Tires*
  • 10-Hole Steel Wheels*


  • Pilot Gate Control Valve
  • Gate Valve Wired through Separate 4-Way Socket
  • 60 Gallon Air Reservoir
  • Air Filter & Oiler


  • Wiring in Loom
  • LED Lights
  • Back-up Alarm
2-Axle Bottom Dump Ranco Trailer Tires

CALL TRAILER SALES: 888-424-4004

*Other options are available to these features. Contact a sales representative for more information regarding trailer customization.


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